My Business

Who I am?
My name is Arthur Harder. I am a businessman in the IT - service-area with the main focus Web Solutions.

My first encounter in the area of the computer science was in the computer center of a Russian University where I had to take care of my tasks on the ES EVM-1061 as physics-student at that time.
Where I was allowed to collect my knowledge and practical experiences in many areas of the information-technology through the further educations, continuous self-study and daily work followed interesting years of my life.

What I offer?
The most important areas of my activity are consulting and training, support of existing projects, Web development from the simple Internet - presences up to complex individual applications as well as own solutions like for example Open - Source project phpEasyProject, to do about the business-processes much more clearly and efficient.

My specialization in the Web included:
Development of Web - applications on all platforms and programming languages with the use of most modern technologies and the help of timesaving instruments
Standard based Websites with (X) HTML and CSS - separation of content and representation as well as table-less layout.
XML - XSL (T) technologies for example as data-interfaces to other applications.
Content management systems, Web shops, Weblogs, guest books, Internet-Forum and other standard-applications
Own Web-development like phpEasyCMS, phpEasyShop, phpEasyProject, address book, XML - Homepage generator and much more.

More details you can find on the page with my services.

How I work?
For successful work, I have over all most important methods. For the PHP - development I use the Zend Studio Professional - that saves me and my customer much time and costs. The HTML-Coding does I on the source text-level - therefore pure handicraft. Unnecessary code-ballast prevents that and is used for the short download time and the compatibility of the Website on all current Browsers. The handicaps become for (X) HTML, CSS and WAI) barrier-outside design, the W3C - consortium kept.

My test- and development environment consists own servers in the office as well as with public providers of some servers with different Linux and UNIX operation systems. For the Client side's tests, I use all current Browsers under Windows, Linux and MacOS.

If you have any questions, please send me your inquiry over contact form.


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