What is phpEasyProject?
The intranet solution phpEasyProject is an Open Source project management system and primarily thought started up to middle-class businesses from independent and small businesses for the service provider.

phpEasyProjectThe project phpEasyProject in his current version consists four most important elements of the project management system like activity manager for the individual project participants, that project-oriented tasks, (ToDo – list), with the degree of completion, the project-administration with division on the project positions and the user management.

To the most important advantage of the program includes:
  • low costs
  • high efficiency with the project-planning and project-transaction
  • easy usability
  • platform-independence for the server as well as for the Clients
  • Multilanguage in the user-interface and in the use thanks to UTF-8 - language-coding (for international teamwork)
  • Easy access for the outsiders employee thanks to internet technology
  • Flexible adaptation to the existing systems through open interfaces in the data base and the XML - export.
  • Future-security through the platform-independence and application of the free technologies.

The complete list of the possibilities of the phpEasyProject stands in the “features” and the technical prerequisites under “Requirements”.

Click here to download the phpEasyProject


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