My main-activity is with free solutions of intranet and internet for all platforms in the free- and Open Source projects like Apache, MySQL and PHP as well as commercial products like Crystal Reports, MS SQL, ASP and others.
It is primarily here about specific and individual solutions for business area.

You need to see your most important business data on your mobile device? Your customers deliver the information to you in different formats and you might have automated everything under a standard for your proprietary system? For such or similar tasks, I can be you helpful, also in a team, if it is about very extensive projects.

Project-administration and time-management
The Project was at first a time management and project administration system for my own business. In future I've became the idea to publish this application for everyone as Open Source under GNU/GPL license for free. This program can be taken as basis-platform for your needs for the development. As author, I can help you here the best. More over phpEasyProject, you can read on own production site of the project. You can download the program here.

In the area of the classic Websites, I offer all most important performances that this area includes traditionally: Web design and development, Redesign of existing Homepage, care of the presence, desk with the current and specific search engines, mounting of for example customer-areas or dynamic elements like guestbook, contact form or survey.
According to requirements, I can make a Web business card with 4-5 pages, a Web presentation or information-portal for you.

Content Management System
I offer the realization of content management system on basis popular Open Source products as well as house-own project phpEasyCMS.

To the important features includes the easy usability, that anyone layman after a short allocation the own care of the internet site do.

The other more important detail is the multi-language-support of the contents through the UTF-8 sign-coding. The texts can have on same side with for example German umlauts and Cyrillic signs, or a switch between several languages has implemented.

Even for bigger teams, phpEasyCMS is well-suited thanks to work out and approved Unix-similar right-system.

More over phpEasyCMS, you experience from particular product homepage.

Here, there are also different solutions after each claim and wish from known like osCommerce and its derivatives like xt:Commerce until house-own phpEasyShop with relatives qualities like with phpEasyCMS.

You still have no Internet site and like one doesn't know should start, or you possess a homepage, however it doesn't live up to your expectations, - these and many other questions can solve I with you together.

My offer-spectrum extends from computer - and Internet courses for efficient work of your co-workers to advanced seminars for the Design, Templates-adaptation and code tuning on basis from me developed products. Think of it that well trained co-workers save not only time and costs but also possible problems for reason of the security.

What can I do?
If you do not see an Internet related service listed here which you would like, please let me know and I will respond with our capabilities to provide the service at a reasonable cost.
Please feel free to contact over contact form.


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